The purpose of the IQHA Breeders' Futurity is to promote, exhibit and showcase American Quarter Horses resulting from all Illinois Quarter Horse Association members breeding programs. Thus Illinois has opened its Futurity and Stallion Service Auction to the get of any AQHA registered stallion or Jockey Club stallion and association members' mares.

NOTE: The IQHA Futurity (Open to the World - all stallions) began in 2008 with weanlings only and added age groups as it progressed.  From 2011 onward the futurity will accommodate weanlings, yearlings, 2 year olds and 3 year olds.

There are 3 divisions in the futurity: open, non-pro, and closed.  See the complete rules below for more information.


The following changes have been made to our Illinois Quarter Horse Associations Futurity Rules:

- All purchasers of stallion breeding services at our ILQHA Stallion Service Auctions, beginning with the 2008 SSA, will be allowed to enter the foal resulting from the SSA breeding in the Closed Division of the ILQHA Futurity. All Mare Nominations must be completed on or before November 1 of the year the breeding took place.

- All stallion owners of stallion breeding services sold at our ILQHA Stallion Service Auctions, beginning with the 2008 SSA, have the right to name one foal (filly or colt) of their choice to be shown in the Closed Division. They must notify the Futurity Office of that choice no later than the close of the Futurity Office the night before the class.

- Changes to the distribution and allocation of futurity funds beginning with the 2009 Fall Futurity show are as follows:
(10% - Open Div.; 40% - Non-Pro Div.; and, 50% - Closed Div.)

Connie McLaughlin, ILQHA Futurity Secretary/Treasurer
15238 Nokomis Rd. - Nokomis, IL 62075 217/825-8763 - Email:

The Futurity rules & results from previous years

** Futurity rules for 2008 foals
** Futurity rules for 2009 foals & beyond
** Futurity rules Aug. 2014 revisions


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