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Fairmount Park is an official track of AQHA and the IQHA race home track.

 The condition books are now  available from the new Fairmount site and on Equibase

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Keep up with the race news provided by Gene Allen & Greg Simmons:

**4/22/14 Cheryl LaMaster is moving out of state and will not continue as the secretary/treasurer of the race group.  Her duties will be assumed by Greg Simmons, Kelly Lehn, and Gene Allen for the rest of 2014. She is moving in May.

**2/28/14  Thanks to those who have sent in money to help pay for our lobbyist.  It is certainly appreciate and put to good work.

**1/29/14 Good news!!!! The House and Senate voted today to pass ADW.  Quarter horses now have $100,000 for purses!  HooRay!

** 1/13/14 To All Members,
    IQHRA needs your help!  We are on a downward spiral of losing Quarter Horse racing in Illinois at the para-mutual tracks.  There will still be racing at the County Fair tracks but we can't feed our horses all year for 3 or 4 races with a very small purse.  We need money to help keep our faces in front of the legislators or they will forget about Quarter Horses!  We will have money coming in from membership dues but not enough.  We have W/C premiums to pay, a lobbyist if we want to get ahead, and other expenses.  Now is the time for IQHRA to decide if we want to exceed or become extinct.  At this time the Board is asking for help from all members.  We are asking that all members pledge $10 a month for three months starting in Feb.  this will not make us rich but will help.  If you are interested in seeing good Quarter Horse races please pledge!  Even with the pledge we will still need the membership's help and participation to survive.  We thank you for your time and generosity.

Fairmount Park races June 25, 2011
Jim Ansley, photographer

Fairmount Park has a new website at Keep up to date with horseman information and the race schedules.

There is a link to the condition book on the right hand side of  the horseman page of the Fairmount site. The condition books are now available from the Equibase site.  Since race information is subject to change, use the condition book for the latest information.  Make your entries based on the current condition book.

Tom Tucker Memorial May 11, 2012

1. Five Star Cartel, owned by Blas Juarez Sr.
2. Delta Dance, owned by Richard & Kelly Lehn
3. MDT Streetfighter, owned by Randy Smith

Dash for Cash June 8, 2012

1. Five Star Cartel, owned by Blas Juarez Sr.
2. Bold Badon, owned by Francisco Ramos
3. RK Quick Version, owned by Carol Sheppard

Illinois Quarter Horse Assn. Trophy
June 9, 2012
A Day at the Races -- at Fairmount Race Track

The group picture is the ....Clay County Young Riders 4-H Club.  Members, parents, and siblings enjoy the evening at the races.  Leaders of the club are Tim and Lori McAllister, Steve Lewis and Connie Kuhlig, Betty Fender and Jacquie Lueking.  Not all members could make this event.  Gene Allen, President of IQHA, gave a tour of the Saddling Paddock and the Club House. 
The second picture is Gene explaining the Fairmont Program Form to the Young Riders 4-H members.....Leo Lybarger, Tabby Fender, Klayton Payne, Gene, Cassie Lybarger and Jonny Peparikas.
Fairmount Park Invitational
June 20, 2012
1. Delta Dance -- owned by Kelly & Richard Lehn.
2. Mr Comando -- owned by Juan Cano.
3. T Gold J -- owned by Manny Silva.
Consolation race
1. Bright Eyed Vision -- owned by Faustino Bueno
2. Valiant Fantasy -- owned by Rigoberto Sanchez.
3. Chinas Country Chick -- owned by Gerald Coltharp.
2014 race membership form
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Delta Dance, owned by Kelly & Rich Lehn, named IQHRA horse of the year for 2012